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The Chasm
Spelunking, Atmospheric, Platformer
An exciting afternoon spelunking turns into a desperate descent when your partner free falls into the depths of the earth. Did he survive? Can you rescue him without losing yourself along the way? And what was that noise in the dark?
Pickaxe Park
Pokebattle, Breeding
Breed pickaxes, battle them against ores, and unlock secrets about their origins. Riveting.
Who Wants to Be a Vampire's Heir?
Quiz, Gameshow
Your quest to court the daughter of a vampire lord goes awry when he catches you red handed. Now you must play his game or end up as his dinner, the choice is yours. Pay for your missteps with your own blood, but be careful not to run out…
Toga Throwdown
Action, Brawler
You’ve been brought to Olympus to battle for the favour of the gods. Sacrifice their followers with your fists to win their favour, but be warned - their benevolence is a fickle thing indeed.
Dark Shepherd
Action, Spooky
The townsguard have stormed the local church which they have accused of harbouring vampires and have begun attacking the innocent civilians inside. You happen to be a vampire who has decided to aid the weak defenseless civilians and church that has offered your misunderstood kind so much. They may be weak and defenseless, but the blood running through their veins may just be what saves them…
Snakes in the Sand
Platformer, Bowling
Go back in time to thwart an ancient evil hidden in the Egyptian pyramids.
Joe Chef
Cooking, Fighting
As part of a powerful warrior race of chefs who are so successful they have eaten themselves to the brink of starvation, you set out on an interstellar journey to find a new source of food to save your people. Fortunately you soon find a planet teeming with food, but it looks like it might put up a fight.
Top Ninja
Action, Multiplayer
Battle your friends in a life-or-death ninja arena. Use your ninjutsu to teleport in close for a kill, counter your enemies attacks, or defeat them from afar with shuriken.
Terminal Attraction
Dating Sim, Story Driven
You’re one of the best detectives around, newly moved to Voltimore City after a bad breakup. You’re not looking for love but it won’t be long until the sparks of romance start flying. Also there’s a murderer you should probably stop.
Ant Detective
Third Person Shooter, Story Driven
Kowalski is fresh out of ant rehab and ready to tackle the colony’s dirty criminal underbelly. Journey with him into the twisted maze of the Anti-Royalist agenda as he searches for reason behind the death of a public servant, in a classic noir setting. Was it murder? Could it be something worse?
Grapple and swing your way though levels generated from songs either supplied in the game or from your own collection. Hang from the soundwave of the song and avoid enemies that appear based on the intensity of the song.
Bare Knuckle Gladiators
Action, Brawler
You are a gladiator, fight to be the best, fight to entertain. There is only one catch, all you have to fight with is your bare hands.
Atmospheric, Story Driven
Enter the mind of a troubled individual to help them overcome memories of their pained past. These memories are not receptive to change however, so be prepared to convince them.
Blood and Thunder
Action, Boss Battle
Grab a harpoon and get revenge on the whale that killed your crew.
John Wizard
Puzzle, Story Driven
They took his dog to Hell… And he’s coming for it!
Boxing Quest
Action, Fighting
Boxing Quest is a fighting game “LITE” using two button controls.
Alpha Aphid
Puzzle, Platformer
Play as an aphid trying to make his way to the top of the tree. Only by collecting dew, growing stalks, evading enemy aphids, and outwitting the tree can you make it all the way!
The Earitable Giant
Puzzle, Atmospheric
You are from a village that rests on the shoulder of a giant. One day the village notices that the giant seems to be having unexplained problems with its ear. The village decides to send you, the elderly candlemaker, to investigate as you are the most familiar with wax caves. You must find whats within the giants ear to save your village.
The Right Tool For The Job
The Right Tool For The Job is a puzzle game that asks players to complete every-day tasks with conventional weapons, in very unconventional ways.
Strategy, Pop Culture
Send your gallant convention-goers into battle against other conventions! Make decisions that influence who you have to send into battle and try not to get overwhelmed!
A Vengeful God
God Game, Strategy
You play as a ‘vengeful god’ who must keep their followers in line with fear. Don’t let your followers become unfaithful and escape!
Action, Arcade
Destroy all Magenta cubes. Anything between you and them is fair game - as long as you can see them. Don’t stay on a colour for too long or you’ll get Chromasick and fall over dead.