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Released on December 04, 2018
Genres: Action, Brawler
Toga Throwdown was made for a Game Jam
Toga Throwdown

You’ve been brought to Olympus to battle for the favour of the gods. Sacrifice their followers with your fists to win their favour, but be warned - their benevolence is a fickle thing indeed.


  • WASD to Move.
  • Mouse to Look.
  • Left Click to Punch.
  • Spacebar to Jump.


  • Slaying the follower of one god will increase your favour with the other gods.
  • Slaying the follower of a god that you have high favour with will award additional points.
  • Slaying Hawks reduces your favour with Hermes, the god of jumping really high.
  • Slaying Minotaurs reduces your favour with Ares, the god of bloody knuckles.
  • Slaying Suns reduces your favour with Apollo, the god of Usain Bolt.