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Released on December 04, 2018
Genres: Action, Spooky
Dark Shepherd was made for a Game Jam
Dark Shepherd

The townsguard have stormed the local church which they have accused of harbouring vampires and have begun attacking the innocent civilians inside. You happen to be a vampire who has decided to aid the weak defenseless civilians and church that has offered your misunderstood kind so much. They may be weak and defenseless, but the blood running through their veins may just be what saves them…

You must take out all of the townsguard before all of the civilians have been killed. You can sacrifice some of the life of a civilian to drink their blood and regain your own life in an effort to keep fighting and defending them.


  • WASD to Move.
  • Left Mouse button to Attack.
  • Right Mouse button to Drain Life (Civilians only).
  • Spacebar to Dash the direction you are moving.
  • Escape to Pause.