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Released on December 14, 2015
Genres: Action, Fighting
Boxing Quest was made for a Game Jam
Boxing Quest

Boxing Quest is a fighting game “LITE” using two button controls.

Single Player

Basically it is the tutorial because I ran out of time :)

  • Tap X to Jab
  • Double tap X to perform a One-Two
  • Hold X to Move forwards
  • Tap Z to Dodge
  • Tap Z, then X to Dodge, then uppercut
  • Hold Z to Move backwards

Multiplayer (Hotseat)

P1 use z and x.

P2 use , and ..

When you’re idle (or moving) your player is guarding and attacks will take down your guard meter, but not your HP. But when you are out of guard you become dazed and your HP can be damaged.

Dodging also builds up your special meter, which when full unleashes a strong attack.