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Status: Ongoing
Availability: Free

Slerpy is an easy to use collection of ‘juicy’ effects that can be added to your game at the click of a button. Slerpy is simple and quick to use, and supports most popular commercial game engines. Slerpy is also available as a specification, so if your development platform isn’t supported you can implement it yourself in only a few hours!


All effects can play however you choose - forward, backward, looped, repeating bursts - if you can imagine it, we’ve probably supported it.

TransformEffect moves, rotates, and scales an object.

ColorEffect applies a color change to an object.

AudioEffect filters an audio source, such as controlling volume to blend a new source in or out seamlessly.

UIEffect transforms UI elements, similar to TransformEffect but purpose-built for 2D workflows.


Timers can be used to stop or start effects, to hide or show objects in the scene, or to execute your own game code at specific points in time.


Need unlimited copies of an object, that handle cleanup and replication with a single command? The Ghoster is what you’re looking for. Create a speed trail behind a fast moving object, or fire a barrage of rockets at an enemy, the Ghoster can handle anything you throw at it.