A Vengeful God

You play as a 'vengeful god' who must keep their followers in line with fear. Don't let your followers become unfaithful and escape!

You start as a mere demigod and must make your way to the highest level of godliness by converting followers! Click a god power and inflict it on your followers - displays of power keep them faithful. If 5 or more escape, you lose the game.

A Vengeful God was made by a group of people from 2Bit as part of Ludum Dare 31 and was submitted under the Jam section (3 days of group development). The Theme was Entire Game On One Screen.

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A Vengeful God - LD31 screenshotA Vengeful God - LD31 screenshot
Released8th December 2014
GenreLudum Dare 31 Jam - Entire Game On One Screen, Strategy