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A New Coat of Paint

Posted on 29th December 2016 by Andrew Joy

Our new UI has gone into the game! We thought we’d show you guys some comparisons between the concepts of our amazing artist Gareth Wild and the ‘mostly complete’ versions in-game. Game Mode Selection Here’s the concept, and here’s the in-game version: Note the placeholder game mode icons and preview videos. This awesome concept made …

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Let There Be Light

Posted on 18th December 2016 by Andrew Joy

As we approach release of Toys of War, we’ve been doing a big polish pass on the visuals. Today we’ve got some screenshots of the new lighting. Main Menu Nighttime Gameplay Daytime Closeup For reference here’s an internal dev screenshot we took close to a year ago (June 24th, 2015): So much placeholder

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Introducing the Hovercraft

Posted on 13th December 2016 by Andrew Joy

When we got back to the office we found that Santa had left us a gift under the tree. We quickly pawned it for muffin money and started work on our next vehicular offering, the Hovercraft! The Hovercraft is a slow, slippery, difficult to maneuver vehicle that needs to get close to its enemy to …

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The War has Begun!

Posted on 13th December 2016 by Andrew Joy

Hello all! Toys of War just launched on Steam Early Access. Thanks to everyone that’s followed our progress so far, and we look forward to seeing what you all think of the game! For more information on the Early Access, including the Roadmap and Buglist, check out our Steam announcement. A direct link to the …

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2Bit Weekly Round-Up: Playtest Polish

Posted on 31st December 2015 by Andrew Joy

Better late than never! We weren’t going to post up a round-up for last week, but we decided this morning to put up a small one up anyway. JCU Open Day The demo of both Toys of War and LolliProp were very well received at the James Cook University Open Day! More people than we …

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Calling for play testers

Posted on 29th December 2015 by Luke Bermingham

You like playing games? How about shaping how one turns out? We’re looking to run a series of play-testing sessions throughout our development cycle. Currently we have two games (PS4 and mobile) that have reached a playable prototype stage and are looking for feedback. Your input would be greatly appreciated. To be clear, this is …

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A Greedy New Game Mode

Posted on 27th December 2015 by Andrew Joy

Today we’re previewing our latest game mode; Limited Resources! Players are forced to compete for valuable supply drops, without which their vehicles will suffer greatly reduced combat effectiveness. Ammo is the first limited resource. Vehicles start with two shots available to them after which they need to re-arm before rejoining the battle. Most special abilities …

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What is it good for?

Posted on 26th December 2015 by Michael Abdoo

Absolutely everything! We here at 2Bit thought it time to give a little sneak peek on the next project. We’ve been hard at work slogging away at our mysterious new enterprise! Keep in mind that this is exceptionally early into development (There aren’t even any textures, Oh no!). Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait for more …

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A Scenic New Environment

Posted on 23rd December 2015 by Andrew Joy

Our first new content preview of the week is our new play environment, the Forest! This normally picturesque retreat has seen a retreat of a different kind, as the war grinds on.

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2Bit Weekly Round-Up: Showing Off

Posted on 21st December 2015 by Matthew Joy

Welcome back travelers! This week was a very visual week for both games. The team has been working at full speed to get everything not only looking nice but also as bug free as possible ahead of this weekend. This Sunday we will be demoing both games at the James Cook University (Cairns) Open Day. …

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