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2Twits in San Fran

Posted on 21st December 2014 by Andrew Joy

Another day another lesson learned, this time from Jinen Kamdar of Twitter. Jinen Kamdar In his 5 years at Twitter (he joined when they ‘only’ had 100 staff), and his time spent on startups beforehand, he’s seen it all. Now a Product Manager leading two teams of world-class developers, he was happy to share his …

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A Singular Experience

Posted on 20th December 2014 by Andrew Joy

Today was a good day. I should have known that any day that involved a visit to NASA (Ames Research Centre) would give me more than I bargained for. Pascal Finette It began with meeting Pascal Finette of Singularity Univeristy. Singularity University is a startup accelerator program that focuses on solving the ‘big problems’ with …

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