A New Coat of Paint

Posted on 29th December 2016 by

Our new UI has gone into the game! We thought we’d show you guys some comparisons between the concepts of our amazing artist Gareth Wild and the ‘mostly complete’ versions in-game.

Game Mode Selection

Here’s the concept, and here’s the in-game version:

Note the placeholder game mode icons and preview videos. This awesome concept made it into the game with no major changes.


Mid-Round Score Screen

Here’s the concept, and again here’s the in-game version:

This concept replaced a particularly hideous bit of ‘programmer UI’, so it was welcomed with open arms. A few changes were made for technical reasons (such as the victory text in the top left), and some additions are still awaiting review (the ‘score difference’ text to the right of the score lines). The ‘toasts’ are also still to go in.