2Bit Weekly Round-Up: Playtest Polish

Posted on 31st December 2015 by

Better late than never! We weren’t going to post up a round-up for last week, but we decided this morning to put up a small one up anyway.

JCU Open Day

The demo of both Toys of War and LolliProp were very well received at the James Cook University Open Day! More people than we were expecting came through our booth to play the games, each leaving valuable feedback behind. The most important thing was that everyone had fun, which gave us the approval that we were looking for on both titles.

We weren’t the only ones with something awesome to demo! To check out some of the other cool stuff, check out the official JCU recap.

Ludum Dare

Unfortunately, our success at the JCU Open Day came at the expense of Ludum Dare. Losing half our weekend, we ran out of time for the Jam submission. It sucks, but we feel we made the right decision in the end. We just need to double down on the next Ludum Dare!

Toys of War

We spent a while mulling over the Toys of War feedback we received at the JCU Open Day, laying out the roadmap to our next milestone! Most of the rest of the week was spent on bug fixes or systems changes, but we did add an awesome ‘tazer’ effect (with a few variations):

It’s going to be used by defeated players while they wait for the next round to begin. They can stun playing vehicles with a ‘skillshot’, allowing them to still be involved even if they’re taken out quickly. This came about from feedback at the JCU Open Day, so thanks for suggesting it!

We’ll be back with another round-up at the end of this week, stay tuned!