A Greedy New Game Mode

Posted on 27th December 2015 by

Today we’re previewing our latest game mode; Limited Resources! Players are forced to compete for valuable supply drops, without which their vehicles will suffer greatly reduced combat effectiveness.

Ammo is the first limited resource. Vehicles start with two shots available to them after which they need to re-arm before rejoining the battle. Most special abilities will consume more ammo then a standard shot, so it’s up to the player to make split second decisions to spend their ammo wisely.

Fuel is the second limited resource. As vehicles run out of fuel their movement speed will suffer, making it more difficult to compete for supply drops or avoid incoming fire. Staying still will conserve fuel, but open you up to opportunistic opponents! Forethought and patience are needed when fuel is a limited resource.

You can choose to play with ammo or fuel as the limited resource, or with both at the same time!

Stay tuned because later today we have the big reveal of the third vehicle in Toys of War!