2Bit Weekly Round-Up: Showing Off

Posted on 21st December 2015 by

Welcome back travelers! This week was a very visual week for both games. The team has been working at full speed to get everything not only looking nice but also as bug free as possible ahead of this weekend. This Sunday we will be demoing both games at the James Cook University (Cairns) Open Day. If you happen to be in the area then drop by to room E1.021 to get an early hands on experience of both games.

We will also be participating in Ludum Dare again, which will run from Saturday to Tuesday. We won’t have as much time as we would normally but we think we will be able to scrap together something fun. If not, it will at least turn out funny one way or another. You can see our past Ludum Dare games here.


We showed another level with a laddering technique earlier in the week but Lolliprop has received an exciting (and somewhat horrifying) addition of cute. Some say we’ve gone too far but we maintain that we must test the limits, for science.

Toys of War

It has been a great week for Toys of War. We’ve added a flag system, whereby your kills on other players will plant a flag of your colour in their pathetic metal-corpse. Now you have an official system to reference your enemies about how superior your vehicle shooting skills are to their own. Reveal in their tears you magnificent bas-

Anyway, we also have something special to show here that we promised last week. This is a big combo that we would normally split up into smaller updates but we’re throwing caution to the wind. There are three big visual additions that you can see in this video. The first is the mostly-completed city environment, now very not-grey. There’s also a brand new ground texture to match the lovely surrounds. All of this combines with the map loading style we showed a while ago too! Enjoy!