2Bit Weekly Round-Up: Big Things in Store

Posted on 20th December 2015 by

Last week when we introduced the Humvee we neglected to give it an awesome promo image like we did with the Tank. We’ve rectified this, so see above for a blood pumping shot of the Humvee charging into battle.

This week we’ve focused on small features that have been outstanding for too long, such as improvements to the vehicle aim indicator and the means to pause and leave play. Along with allowing you to edit options on the game modes (such as points required to win), the game is feeling more and more complete each day.

As important as they are, small improvements and tweaks are par for the course and not overly exciting. On that note, we’ve been working towards a huge release of content next week. We don’t want to spoil anything, but it includes a new play environment, a new game mode, and a new vehicle introduction! We’re super excited, and we know you’ll like what you see so stay tuned for next week!