2Bit Weekly Wrap-up: New Format!

Posted on 15th December 2015 by

Hello! We’ve decided that instead of a blog post for each new bit of our games we have to show off, we will just keep that to social media (Facebook/Twitter) and then have an end of week post to bring it all together with a little bonus. Lets get started!

Toys of War

Toys of War has been moving along with some new and revised art. We now have the file cabinets implemented with the manilla folders. These will be part of the menu system, specifically used to pick game modes.

We also have early work done on a new border environment for the play area. We have making a fully 3D cityscape to encapsulate the battle. This will be used in conjunction with our loading animation system and should end up looking pretty cool. We will show this off in more detail in the next few weeks.

alt text


Lolliprop has been having a lot of bug fixing and polish done in order to get it ready for alpha testing. We teased one the levels this week:

but here’s some more!