2Bit Weekly Round-Up: Introducing the Humvee!

Posted on 13th December 2015 by

It’s time to introduce the second vehicle on the Toys of War roster! Previously we showed off the Tank – a slow, beefy, machine of war that can go toe-to-toe with any other vehicle and keep on fighting. Today’s vehicle, the Humvee, is completely different. Unable to take much punishment, the Humvee relies on poking at the enemy until an opening appears, and then charging in to finish the job!

The Humvee’s standard weapon is a single-shot rifle that fires a fast and accurate round at the enemy from great distance. Able to bounce once, a well placed shot can catch another player unawares. The shot is weak however, and is easily deflected by an enemy returning fire.

Once a player is distracted or weakened, the Humvee can charge in for the kill. The Humvee deflects all shots while charging, and its spiked bull-bar will instantly destroy any vehicles it hits. Targeted players can use the short ramp-up time to avoid it, or survive it with their Hunker defensive ability.

The Humvee is very much an opportunity hunter, snatching kills on unsuspecting players and avoiding a close quarters fight at all costs. Being a medium-difficulty vehicle, accuracy and patience are important for any player looking to try their hand at the Humvee.