2Bit Weekly Round-Up: Introducing the Tank!

Posted on 11th December 2015 by

Welcome back to the 2Bit Weekly Round-Up as we sport a new look for the site (and Twitter/Facebook too). We’ve finally changed around promotion from RegentZ to Toys of War. It even has a fairly bare game page for now with some never-before-seen screenshots.

This week will be a bit different to previous round ups as we will be showing off a Toys of War vehicle that we have been teasing this week. The Tank is a playable vehicle in Toys of War. Each vehicle in Toys of War has unique attributes and special abilities that set it apart from other vehicles. The Tank specializes in firepower, sturdiness and the ability to eliminate players from long range.

The standard attack is one of the strongest aspects of the Tank. It does very high damage and will continuously travel until it hits an enemy or it bounces 3 times. If the Tank shot hits smaller enemy shots it will continue undeterred but can be deflected by other shots of the same size. One downside of the Tank shot is the slow travelling speed compared to other vehicle shots, making it easier to dodge. One thing that Tank players will need to watch out for is the ease of self harm which is higher among tanks than other vehicles.

The Tanks special ability is The Big Shot, an extremely powerful shot that can be used to supplement its already high damage. Not only does The Big Shot do enough damage to destroy any vehicle in one hit, but it also deflects normal Tank shots. A hidden power of The Big Shot is how it is an additional shot that does not interrupt normal fire, meaning that it can be used to break stalemate situations where two players are continuously firing at each other and deflecting each others shots.

Apart from its normal and special attack, the Tank has very high health, allowing it to take more damage than other vehicles. This huge benefit is traded off by its speed, which is very slow. This means that the Tank needs to rely on accurate aiming and smart bouncing to defeat enemies that are trying to keep distance on it.

The Tank is a tactical beginner vehicle that is ideal for anyone that likes to play vehicles that have a more vanilla skillset but still have a high skill ceiling with tight mechanical skills.

That is the first of several vehicles that we have in Toys of War. We hope that you are excited to play the Tank and will let us know what you think about it by Twitter/Facebook/Email. We have more vehicle introductions to show off in the coming weeks so stay tuned.