RegentZ Halloween Update Released!

Posted on 7th December 2015 by

We’re pleased to announce that we have just released an update to RegentZ! The update adds a small diversion to the main story in the spooky spirit of Halloween. Some devilish unforeseen circumstances prevented us from releasing it at Halloween as intended but the update will live an unnatural life regardless.

The update has Charlotte battle a great evil lying dormant on the gardens table area, the terrible Pumpking! Should players choose, they can fight the Pumpking at any point during the game (after obtaining the mallet) at the back of the garden by the river simply by trick-or-treating the suspicious pumpkin sitting on the table.

Here is a gameplay run through of the new boss fight with the horrific Pumpking for those that will be unable to hold their nerve long enough to play through it in-game. Enjoy!