RegentZ Released for free!

Posted on 5th December 2015 by

Everyone here at 2Bit Studios is very happy to announce the RegentZ is getting released today for free!

RegentZ is not a game made officially by 2Bit but rather a game that started development before 2Bit was created by many of the members that would form 2Bit. It’s a satirical third-person action game set in the Regency period (think Jane Austen) with zombies thrown in. At the time of development, everyone working on RegentZ was still studying at University. The original scope of the game proved to be far too big, so in order to finish the game instead of leaving it in limbo the scope was reduced while keeping the game silly and fun.

If you want to play RegentZ for free, you can download it from the game page.

If you want a press pack, you can get an online version here.

Go and enjoy! We have a fully polished commercial game in the pipeline at the moment so stay tuned in for more information in the coming months.