2Bit Weekly Round-Up: It's game(mode) time!

Posted on 4th December 2015 by

It’s that time of development where most of the game systems are in and it’s time to fill out the content. This week has mainly had its focus on Toys of War, which has seen a lot of big developments in a short time.

Toys of War

Game modes have been the name of the er… game… this week. We have added two game modes that are aimed at being less standard “party” game modes in the sense that their gameplay is slightly removed from the usual gameplay of Toys of War. For example, here is the first new game mode, Racing, which requires vigorous use of the hovercraft’s harpoon special move:

The second game mode that was added is the Bullet Hell game mode, which requires vigorous use of the control stick:

As a special bonus, we have something we’re very proud to be showing off. This is the large map that sits in the war room and serves not just for planning but also as a reminder of the stakes of the war. Just in-case anyone isn’t too up on their geography and was curious, it is an entirely fictional location that we have created for this game. We are very happy with how it turned out and the presence it brings to the room.