Pogopalypse Alpha

Posted on 12th December 2014 by

Joining the Android alpha (iOS and WP7 coming soon)

  1. Go to the page for the Google Group here.
  2. Click on the link to apply for membership, fill in information and send the application.
  3. Wait for the e-mail response to confirm your membership in the Group.
  4. Go here and join the alpha.
  5. Once accepted, you should see a link to download the alpha.

Giving Feedback

There are several ways you can leave feedback about Pogopalypse for the 2Bit team. You can post about your issue/feedback on the Google Groups Pogopalypse forum or send an e-mail directly to 2Bit (please put [Pogo Alpha] in the subject). You can see, vote and comment on issues or feedback on the public Trello issue tracker board.