Month: December 2014

2Twits in San Fran

Posted on 21st December 2014 by Andrew Joy

Another day another lesson learned, this time from Jinen Kamdar of Twitter. Jinen Kamdar In his 5 years at Twitter (he joined when they ‘only’ had 100 staff), and his time spent on startups beforehand, he’s seen it all. Now a Product Manager leading two teams of world-class developers, he was happy to share his …

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A Singular Experience

Posted on 20th December 2014 by Andrew Joy

Today was a good day. I should have known that any day that involved a visit to NASA (Ames Research Centre) would give me more than I bargained for. Pascal Finette It began with meeting Pascal Finette of Singularity Univeristy. Singularity University is a startup accelerator program that focuses on solving the ‘big problems’ with …

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First Blog Post

Posted on 14th December 2014 by Andrew Joy

I’ve been thinking about writing something for a while but have never really gotten around to it. I sit down ready to go and an e-mail pops up, or a client comes in, or something critical comes up on the issue tracker. I finally got an excuse thanks to the guys over at Startup Catalyst, …

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Pogopalypse Alpha

Posted on 12th December 2014 by Matthew Joy

Joining the Android alpha (iOS and WP7 coming soon) Go to the page for the Google Group here. Click on the link to apply for membership, fill in information and send the application. Wait for the e-mail response to confirm your membership in the Group. Go here and join the alpha. Once accepted, you should …

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